Tips and tricks to invest in your email for a greater impact

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Once you have a lean, mean subscriber list, and a basic understanding of your baseline email investment, you have the foundation you need to optimize, enhance, and amplify your email content, while minimizing the time and budget you waste on emailing uninterested consumers.

To get you started, we offer you the following tips and tricks for re-energizing your email campaigns with some high-value, high impact techniques.

Look for ways to automate and extend the email experience.  Considering that, as an expert point out, welcome email tends to have the highest open rates of all email messages, it makes sense to sustain consumers’ initial feeling of enthusiasm for your content as long as possible.  Furthermore, according to a study held in 2016, automated email earns twice the open rate and nearly three times the click-through rate of bathed emails.  This is why using marking automation to deliver your welcome message as a series of customer nurturing emails is a powerful email technique.

Ask for referral; looking across various industry benchmarks, experts has found consumer conversion rates of 10% on average for referral campaigns.  While sometimes this amounts to no more than a new subscriber or lead, it can also mean a purchase under the right circumstances.


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Use motion to move your audience; according to experts, not only can including animation and relevant motion effects in email add emotional appeal to your messages, it can drive up response rates up to three-fold. However, she cautions against delivering the message as a single, large image since many consumers turn off images in their email clients.  They would only see a blank message in their inboxes.

Take advantage of video; while embedding a video in your email messages simply doesn’t work well in the inbox setting, there are ways to get around this.  For example, using a simple screen shot of your video with the superimposed play button.  But don’t stop there, you should offer text about why readers might be interested in watching, along with a link to the full video.  Using the video as a strong call to action is a great way to interest subscribers in spending more time with your business and drive them back to your owned channels.

Make email a 2-way conversation; not only can email speak to consumers on a personalized and emotional level, it can also convey how receptive your company is to hear their feedback, opinions, and ideas and demonstrate your commitment to responding to their needs.

Experts suggest a range of ways marketers can increase consumer interaction through email, for simply providing a contact email and encouraging them to ask questions and offer comments, to inviting them to take part In a detailed user survey.

Tell a great story; many brands find it difficult enough just to identify the right inspiration for crafting a uniquely engaging message, let alone a way to extend that story through email over the long term.  Even some of the most seemly mundane of businesses can harness the creative muse and deliver an emotionally resonant experience through this marketing channel.


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We believe that taking care of these subjects while emailing in future will surely give you most of your email subscribers list and will also give you the best of engagement and it will refer you as an interesting personality fro where they are receiving emails.  Making sure these tricks and tips are from experts, so you can simply use these techniques without a doubt in mind.  I am pretty sure that you will be able to get much more than usual business and engagement which you are getting as of now.

How would you email instead? What are your tips and tricks regarding emails? Is there is any other technique which you use to get most out of your email ROI?  Feel free to share with us.

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